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We highly recommend a level gravel pad for your building. This is a service we offer. We will prep the site with minimum of 3″ of gravel to however thick it needs to be to make the pad level, then the building will  rest on the gravel pad. This is one the best ways to guarantee longevity for your investment. 

This will also increase you warranty on the building from a standard 12 month warranty to an 84 month warranty!

Please inquire about prices. If you choose to decline the gravel pad please read below for site prep requirements.

Site prep requirements:

  •  Site must be clear of all debris. Our delivery personnel will not set a building on brush, trash, or in tall uncut grass. It is important for the delivery person to be able to access all four sides of the building. We are not responsible to move obstacles on or in the path to the site. Please have these items cleared prior to our arrival.
  • Site for building shall be reasonably level . It is not the  responsibility of the delivery personnel to prepare the site/area for the building. Pressure treated  runners are built into the floor of the portable sheds which are engineered to be set directly on the ground, however for buildings larger than 150 sq. ft. we recommend a site prepared with a gravel or crushed concrete base. If you would like the building to be set on concrete blocks, then you will be responsible to have the blocks on site at time of delivery.
  • We allot 1 hour from arrival until the building is set. This is an adequate time allotment, as in most cases where the above conditions are met it will take less then 45 minutes. If the driver is detained for any reason beyond his control, the customer will be charged at the rate of $75.00 per hour ($75.00 minimum). If delivery person cannot set the building due to unfit site conditions, then you, the customer, are liable for all additional charges.
  • It is  your, the customer’s, responsibility to check for low hanging telephone and electric wires, as well as low hanging tree branches leading to the site. Please remove branches in question prior to our arrival. Failure to do so could result in additional charges as well as damages to your building, as described above. A minimum of 13’ of height is needed for large buildings.
  • Silver Creek Structures LLC. is not responsible for any damage that may occur to your property or the building due to weather conditions or other circumstances, such as less than adequate space for delivery. Ideally we need 3′ of clearance on both sides of the building to be able to maneuver it without incident.
  • The Mule is a mini forklift we will use to deliver your new building. With a very tight turning radius, our delivery person can maneuver most buildings into the tightest of places with minimal damage to your yard.
  • All building, zoning, and variances permits are the full responsibility of the customer.